Tokyo Owners' Meeting

Back in April, Tesla Japan announced its first owners' meeting. The timing of the meeting was perfect for me because I was in Tokyo with the family to see Katy Perry in concert.

I signed up for the meeting, and showed up early. I had eaten nearby at a restaurant known for its great breakfasts. At the meeting, the staff was very kind to provide all kinds of refreshments and food. I'll have to remember that for the next meeting; I was just too full to eat much. Thanks for the spread!

Anyway, the meeting was a presentation of some of the things Tesla has been working on. Since I read the forums regularly, I was up to speed on the content of the presentation. After the team was done, we had time for questions. If you are following this blog or even how things are progressing in Japan, you will know many of the questions were about Superchargers. We still have only six of them, all in Kansai or Kanto. Since the purpose is to enable long-distance driving, the Supercharger network is in need of expansion. When someone said the network should be extended from Kanto to Kansai, I added that we need Superchargers to go to Kyushu and Tohoku. We heard no word on the next ones on the way.

The lack of a navigation system was the next big topic, but we heard the team was hard at work preparing one and that there was an alpha version about finished. Fingers are crossed that we will have that added to our cars soon.

The rest of the Q & A session was a virtual bitch (the verb, not the noun) fest with a variety of complaints coming from owners. One guy noted that he did not want to have to go out to find out information about his car; he wanted to be told everything about the car. That exploration is one of the compelling things of ownership for me. Although I've had cars for the past 24+ years here in Japan, I have never had to really think about them; my in-laws have a Honda dealership and they just take of my cars. With my Model S, I get to learn all kinds of things about driving, wheels, tires, batteries, charging, and all those things associated with EV ownership. While Elon Musk has said he wants Tesla car ownership to be easy, Model S really is a thinking person's car. Since the meeting had taken a bit of a turn towards the end, I felt that I needed to say the truth about my ownership. Since I love my car, that's what I said.

After the meeting we were all given a chance to mingle and meet each other. One of the highlights for me was meeting Dan Myggen who works in Fremont. You may know him as the star and creator of the original owner delivery videos. We had a nice talk and have exchanged email.

I'm looking forward to the next owners' meeting. Thanks for putting these together, Tesla.